Harvard Fire Protection District Meeting Minutes

Held March 14, 2017

President Condon called the regular meeting of the Harvard Fire Protection District board of Trustees to order at 6:05 PM in the meeting room of the Fire Station at 502 S. Eastman St.. Present were Trustees Condon and Perenchio. Trustee Carbonetti was absent. Also in attendance were Chief Harter and B/C Davidson.

Audience Participation: None

Approval of Minutes:

Motion made by Condon and seconded by Perenchio to approve the minutes of the February 14, 2017 meeting. Voice vote; all ayes. Motion approved 2-0.

Approval Payment of Bills:

Motion made by Perenchio and seconded by Condon to approve payment of invoices for service and materials totaling $17,472.04. Condon, aye; Perenchio, aye. Motion approved 2-0.


  • Chief Harter: EMS rollouts are proceeding with only a few in arrears. Budget items sent to Trustee Carbonetti. At the recent fire at Starline, there was a MABAS dispatch issue. The problem is being addressed, with the possibility of having McHenry Dispatch added to the MABAS dispatch. Two EMTs will be assigned to cover the Harvard Wrestling Club tournament.
  • B/C Davidson: Shane Mackey and Kyle Dahlke have graduated from the McHenry County College FF-Basic Course. EMT-B class and EMT-P class continuing at RMH. Possibility of having a house to burn in the Spring. We will be hosting a Fire Apparatus Engineer (FAE) class in April.
  • Building Maintenance: Fox Valley has been contacted to address and repair trouble alarm that we continually been having. Exhaust Hood and cabinet have been installed above the stove in the Day Room. Countertops in main bathrooms have been replaced. Offices and Kitchen have been painted.
  • Fire/Rescue Association: Harvard School District 50 has been selected to be the benefactor of the Milk Days T-Shirt sale.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Budget and Asset report submitted.

New Business: None


Dispatch Updates:

A recent power outage at the repeater prevented dispatch of a call. MchMMcHenry followed protocol and made contact by the telephone.McHenry followed protocol and used the telephone to notify. B/C Davidson will address the issue.

Website Update:

TurnKey Digital has been working to complete the Website.

Records Disposal:

A representative from the State will be here March 23rd to start the process of approval of unneeded record disposal.


Motion made by Condon and seconded by Perenchio to adjourn meeting. Voice vote, all ayes. Motion approved 2-0.