Minutes from the Special Meeting held on 2/12/2018

Harvard Fire Protection District

Special Meeting held February 12, 2018

Trustee Condon called the Special Meeting of the Harvard Fire Protection District Board of Trustees to order at 8:07 am in the meeting room of the Fire Station at 502 S. Eastman St. Roll Call showed Trustees Carbonetti, Condon and Clarke present. Also in attendance were Deputy Chief Davidson and Jason Estes from FGM Architects. .

Audience participation: None

Review preliminary report of Facility Study and Building Design:

Jason Estes presented to the Board a “Space Needs Analysis” on existing areas of the fire station, as well as proposed space in any future design.  Estes also presented various drawings, including: 1. Flood Plan Diagram; 2. Existing Site Plan; 3. Existing Plan; 4. Design Option 1; and 5. Design Option 2.

Each trustee and D/C Davidson asked questions and made comments on the analysis and plan proposals.  Carbonetti indicated that both Option 1 and 2 would most likely have construction cost far above the Districts ability to pay.

Estes offered to design an Option 3, which would focus mainly on the design criteria identified by the trustees and D/C Davidson.  Option 3 to include: 1. Converting the existing gear room into a bunk room; 2. Converting the existing bunk room into a men’s and women’s locker/restroom; 3. Converting the chief’s office and a portion of the training classroom into a kitchen and dayroom; 4. Converting the existing kitchen into the chief’s office; 5. Shrink the size of the public restroom and create space for a deputy chief’s office.

Estes estimates that he will Option 3 ready for consideration within a week or two.


Motion made by Carbonetti and seconded by Condon adjourn meeting. All ayes. Meeting adjourned at 9:58 am.

Respectfully submitted,


Joseph Clarke, Secretary

Dated approved: _________________________